So my first blog post isn’t this exciting 😀 lol. Anyway I wanted to talk about GCSE’s and the years leading up to them. Hopefully you will get to understand how my experience is going and we can share our feelings together so we can be like one big family ❤

So my GCSE course started in year 9 but we had to chose what subjects we were to take in year 8. Ik like so early, how are we meant to know what we want to do when we are 12-13!? Anyway i made the decision and here is what i took:

  • Art
  • GCSE Pe
  • History
  • German
  • Chemisty 
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • English
  • Maths
  • PSE/ Re

All of the subjects in blue are the subjects everyone had to take and the ones in pink are the subjects i chose myself.

When i came to pick my subjects I had a really hard time deciding whether to chose between geography and history. I spent hours thinking everything through in my head, which one would be best for me . At some points I was getting quite worked up about it as it was constantly bugging me. I was scared in case I took the wrong one. Nobody knew how anxious i was getting, i was keeping everything to myself, letting no one in. I know now that I shouldn’t have been afraid to tell someone. If ever you feel this way, tell someone: your friend, your mom/dad, your guardian, anyone and they will help you. Nobody should feel alone when their going through this. I learnt from my mistakes and I want to help you make the right one.

Back to the GCSE’s {i got a bit sidetracked there, i tend to ramble on a bit}. So at my school we start our course in year 9. I’m in year 10 now so it was only a year ago. I wasn’t very focused last year even though i told myself at the start of year 9 I was going to concentrate and work hard for the next 3 years but that didn’t go to plan. I still worked fairly hard and kept at my target grades in most of my lessons.

I found some lessons really hard and didn’t understand the work a lot of the time but I didn’t ask for help. If you ever need help in anything don’t be afraid or embarrassed  to ask, there’s nothing wrong with asking{that’s where i went wrong}. Your teacher won’t think anything bad of you, if anything they will be happy you asked them because they’re there to support and help you.

Art has become a big part in my life now ever since taking it up as a GCSE in year 9. I constantly have work to do at home. At the start of year 9 i really fell behind on my art work in school and ended spending a lot of my lunchtimes and after schools catching up on the work, which put a lot of stress on me as everyone else in the class would finish on time. Throughout the year I managed to organise my time management skills better and I started completing my work on time. My art teacher helped me quite a bit throughout the year, not getting mad at me or giving me detentions or calling home as that would have stressed me out even more so I thank her for that. Now I’m managing to keep up on top of my work and achieving some good grades. 🙂

We had Mock exams at the end of year 9 and that didn’t go as well as I hoped them to go, but that can be for another post as there is a whole other story for that.

Year 10 has started of ok. My lessons are good, teachers are decent have my friends with me and were making it through the torture of school {lol}. I have 2 years before I take the exams that decide how I’m going to do later on in my life so there’s bound to be more posts like this before then.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it is really long but I wanted to be able to write how I feel and how I’ve felt so I can help some of you guys if you ever feel the same way.

Bye x


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11 thoughts on “GCSE’s

  1. Hi, Kallih, I love that your blog GCSE is about helping other students and providing support for them. I think we need more of that – esp. from one student to another.
    Since I am a Senior Citizen (probably not your target audience), I didn’t know what GCSE is so I was a little lost there. Also for me, the pink type is difficult to read but maybe not for everyone. I loved that you pointed out how helpful it is to ask for help.
    It’s really cool that you are doing this. Good luck!


  2. Reading this blog post, I know exactly how you feel, I’m in year 10 and we chose our options early in year 9. I find it really awesome that i’m not the only person going through this kind of things. Thanks for all the helpful advice as well! 🙂


    1. It’s nice knowing that there are people who just like me out there. I think knowing that others are going through this is really helpful sometimes. It’s alright I hope you enjoyed it x @graciousdeb

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