Heartbreaks πŸ’”

You know when your so in love with someone you feel like it will last forever and grow old together.

Well that’s only a fairytale and we’re in reality.

I thought that the day would never come because I thought we had something special?

But it happened.

I’ve never told you about my (ex) boyfriend but we broke up.

The first few days were really hard and tbh so have the past few weeks but you just have to keep pushing on.

Me and my (ex) boyfriend, when we came back to school from the summer holidays weren’t as close as we was before.

(We had been going out for about 4 months)

And he seemed to wanted to talk to some other girls than he wanted to talk to me.

He would never come over to me at lunch or break to say hi or never even helped me when I was having a panic attack.

At this point I knew I needed to say something but before I did he told me something.

He started going on about how he still loved me and loved everything about me but if he loved like how I loved him he wouldn’t have broken up with me.

He said he was getting a lot of grief and hatred of some people and he was fighting a loosing battle.

But I thought you were meant to fight for what you loved.

I thought wrong according to him.

And I’ve came to realise that he was such a bad boyfriend and that I deserve someone who would actually care for me and love me properly.

He did leave me heartbroken but now heart is beating with pride and happiness.

Everyone will experience a heartbreak whether it’s horrible or just a little primary school crush there is one thing I’ll say about them:

Heartbreaks are never easy.

However you just have to give yourself time to go through the anger and upset to get to the other side.

Imagining it like a bridge.

Your crossing it leaving them and  all the sad emotions behind and moving on forward into your new, better life and the happy emotions.

It has been said that music does help cure the pain, so I’ve got a list of the best songs to help you get through the emotional rollercoaster that is a breakup.

  1. ‘Gotta go my own way’ – Troy and Gabriella (HSM)
  2. ‘Say you won’t let go’ – James Arthur
  3. ‘Someone like you’ – Adele
  4. ‘Best thing I never had’ – BeyoncΓ©
  5. ‘Shoutout to my ex’ – Little Mix
  6. ‘A thousand years’ – Christina Perri
  7. ‘Little things’ – One Direction
  8. ‘Only love can hurt like this’ – Paloma Faith
  9. ‘Just a little bit of your heart’ – Ariana Grande
  10. ‘I will always love you’ – Whitney Houston
  11. ‘Single ladies(Put a ring on it)’- BeyoncΓ©
  12. ‘We are never eve getting back together’ – Taylor Swift

Listening to these songs could make you feel better, or it could make you cry.

I certainly felt both.

Whilst listening to that HSM song I was a gonna.

Crying my eyes out but after I’d finished the songs I began to feel better because I knew something good can come out of this.

You may not feel like it at the beginning but after time you soon begin to see.

Make sure you have your best friend there to dance to  Taylor’s ‘We are never getting back together’ loosing yourself to the music and letting go of all them feelings that need to burst out of you.

(Also you could get some icecream and a blanket and go through watching a whole series on Netflix).

I did that too. ☺️

Kalli xxx
Instagram: @kallih2306

Twitter: @kallih2306

P.S. Make sure to leave any songs you suggest might help get over a heartbreak in the comments.🎢☺️


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