The true identity of love.

When your in love with someone the world around you seems to be a blur, all you can think about is how happy you are and how you don’t care what anyone else thinks because it’s just you and him/her fighting the world together. 

But then when you feel nothing can possibly happen because your with the one you feel your destined to be with, 

Reality checks in. 

In the matter of minutes,hours, days everything can change. 

You begin to doubt yourself and question yourself what you ever did wrong and why you deserved this when you was so happy, until you just stop. 

You stop listening to the sad songs,

You stop watching the depressing movies,

You stop answering everyone’s apologies,

And finally you stop the tears running down your face.

And your realise what happened. 
Everything now makes sense. 

The way he/she played with your mind keeping it captive under his/her spell making you only see what he/she wanted you to see, as to everyone else who knew who he/she really was. 

You see this, the perfect image and  person you want to see and believe hypnotised into your head. 

That’s until you beat him/her.

You begin to find out who they are one step at a time until you break free from their spell revealing who they are truelly,

Not the person you believed them to be.

He/she was the:

The person you were in love with all along.

The person who played the false act.

The person you knew you could see  all along but you didn’t want to see.



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